Monday, November 15, 2010



Magicflakes (Choco Creams) - my favorite breakfast

medicine - a substitute if water therapy doesn't work when I'm sick; I hate, actually

milo - beverage that I love to drink without sugar

LCC - where I want to shop or window shop

McDonalds - my favorite food chain; where I can eat alone, or with a group

wedding planning - one of my dreams; a career I want to pursue

library - where I can focus on my academics

basketball - sports that I really love, but I hate to play

Lord of he Rings - the movie that reminds me of our friendship

motorcycle - reminds me of him, of our jammings and trips

marathon - I look forward to, especially with AmazingPillow, PintigNgPuso, dancingDJ, and Santino

Karlos - where I had memorable meals with significant people in my life

cellphone - means of communicating what I feel and what I want to say

blog - means of conversing with maya and bff

boxes - where I put and keep things of sentimental value; sometimes make me feel the pain again

sleeping - time to give my mind and heart a break

bed - where I can freely let my tears fall

church - where my heart prays for what it desires

music (song) - makes me feel relaxed; most of the time, it explains what I feel

journal and pen - my bestfriends when I feel so alone

home - a place where I feel lonely, where I remember all the sacrifices and burdens of my family

...mga simpleng salita na may malalim na kahulugan.

...mga simpleng salita mula sa puso.

...mga salitang naging parte na ng buhay ko.

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