Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is it over now

Lately, you and I haven't been talking
Lately, you and I were not connecting for real
You seem so far away distant and lost in a haze

Lately I've been doing much thinking
Wondrin' if it's a phase that you're going through
My love is here to stay but you are drifting away

Tell me
Is it over now
Between you and me
Is it time to let go now
And set our hearts free

Is it over now
Between you and me
If love's gone away
Baby please just tell me

Forever, didn't we promise we'd stay
Never, to go on our sep'rate ways
I need to hear you say this is the end of our days 


MYAngligaw said...

oh i remember this song.. love rendezvous.. sige, paulit ulitin mong pakinggan.. it will hurt, but it may help along the way.. :)

Anonymous said...